Thursday, April 24, 2008

Man Truck

I've always looked younger than my actual age. For instance now at 27 I might be lucky if a person would guess my age to be 21. A couple months ago after I finished preaching, a woman who was visiting that day came up to me to tell me she enjoyed my sermon. In the context of our conversation she asked how long I had been here at Reidland. I proceeded to explain that my wife and I moved here from Abilene, Texas almost 3 years ago. She almost stopped me in mid-sentence to say..."You're old enough to be married????"

I've also lived in Kentucky now for coming up on three years but have yet to become very "Kentuckian!" I grew up a city boy mostly. I don't really fish. I definitely don't hunt. Barely know how to shoot a gun. I don't own a four-wheeler. And I'm yet to bleed blue and white.

Well I think I've found something that could be a solution to both of those "shortcomings." Let me introduce you to...the Man Truck.

I'm not sure if it makes me look older (I probably shouldn't count on it) or if it really makes me any more Kentuckian (although it's a step in that direction) but it is fulfilling a boyhood dream of owning a truck. Something about owning a truck just makes a guy feel more like a hombre! Now I can haul stuff and put me a big metal box in the back (for my tools of course). It communicates toughness, dependability, and towing horsepower.

Or at least it would if it wasn't a single cab, 4 cylinder, white truck. I guess really all it communicates is that I'm a 21 (not 27) year old, city boy from Florida...but I like it anyway. Just me and my truck. Who knows...perhaps one day the man in both of us will finally be evident to all!

And if you're curious, yes, I'm old enough to be least in most states with parental consent.


janjanmom said...

True "blue" Kentucky men insist on Ford or Chevy...ocassionally a Dodge if it has a hemi. I could have filled you in if you had consulted with me before the purchase.

That's OK though, I'll let it slide, you are just a "kid" that didn't know better!!

Heehee! I like your truck-it is nice!!

Mike said...

Thanks! Yeah you're probably right! Although there wasn't much choice involved. We got the truck from Sara's grandparents. I kind of like Toyota anyway though so I'm happy with it! :)

Kacey Leigh said...

I'm diggin the man-truck. It beats my grandma car...

Nicole McIntyre said...

Hey, at least there's plenty of room in the back for your boogie board and Mickey Mouse ears...

And remember, you were a Texan first! (not that I really claim it these days, but I thought I'd throw that in there.